Toddler Classroom

The Toddler classroom is for children from 18 months old to 3 years old, and has a capacity of 25 children.  The adult to child ratio meets the New York State Guidelines at a ratio of 5:1.

The staff in the Toddler classroom is dedicated to providing quality care for all of the children in the program.  The program provides activities to enhance the development of the whole child; physical, emotional, social, and cognitive, in a safe and nurturing environment. 



In the Toddler Room:

• Potty training generally starts at 24 months old.

• Language development is encouraged through books and songs.

• Daily schedule structured with large and small motor activities.

• Sensory and tactile activities are done weekly.

• Children learn colors, shapes and counting to 10.

• Children are encouraged to play cooperatively with others.

• Staff are First Aid & CPR trained.

• Classroom has minimally 2 certified teachers.

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